Poem: A veil of darkness
Date: January 25, 2021

My mind
Dancing around in cloudiness
Glimpses of a clear sky
Only long enough for me to actually see it
Then the veil comes back
Lost in darkness again
No way to figure out
Where to go, where to turn
Any step can lead to a never-ending abyss
I really don’t want to end up in
Though I never have a choice when they come out of the blue
Or times I have sure footing
And even enjoy the walk a bit
But the veil is ever present
Reminding me
I have only a few sure breaths that I can take on this journey of mine
I dance with this veil
Hoping for another breath
Another clear chance
To go even further
The darkness has its own sacred dance
That I’m constantly in as well
I realize I’m always moving
Whether it’s darkness
A familiar blanket
The veil finding it’s own blanket
I remind myself
I’ll keep dancing, taking steps
No matter what joins along the way
The veil and darkness
Along for their dances
Being led by sacred breath
© Jamie Martin 2021

WriterPoet Jamie

I'm a writer of new adult fiction/ adult fiction & recently poems. I'm working to be published. I'm an Aquarius. Avid reader. Lover of music & art.

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